It could be drywall ceiling

Sloped ceiling

Sloped ceiling in auto parts store

If really, that is my first ceiling design. That slope of ceiling is made of plywood and covered with painted vinyl wallpaper, but it could be done even more easy and precise  of plasterboard. Construction is of wooden beams. Ceilings are recessed on perimeter. Part of ceiling between slope and recessed part made of paper laminated particle boards.

sloped ceilings

Sloped ceilings and walls decoration.

Small square mirrors decorates middle and top of ceiling slopes  and one of the walls.


My first drywall ceiling designs

Four levels drywall ceiling

Four levels drywall ceiling in the room of guesthouse.

It was my first drywall ceiling design. Wood framing is used for hanging drywall on the walls and ceilings. It was 1996. Walls is decorated wallpaper with floral pattern . Ceilings is covered painted vinyl wallpaper.

Three levels drywall ceiling

Three levels drywall ceiling in other room.

It is a simple ceiling. Here is used recessed lighting with halogen lamps as well.

Recessed on perimeter drywall ceiling

Recessed drywall ceiling in the other apartment.

Here are two apartments in this guesthouse. Design of ceilings here is more intricate. Recessed on perimeter drywall ceiling with recessed lighting are used in this room. Here are used decorative drywall niches on the walls. Inside of niches is painted wallpapers, upper part of the walls is covered with floral pattern wallpapers.

Drywall ceiling with recessed geometrical ornament

Drywall ceiling with recessed geometrical ornament in other room.

Wall niches  and recessed parts of ceiling connects ceilings with walls.

Ceiling with recessed geometrical ornament

The same drywall ceilings zoomed.

Zoomed drywall ceiling design pattern can be seen more clear.